Face Masks have become an essential part of daily life. 


Masks are needed to do

most things these days. 

But after a while, breathing the same small pocket of air over, and over, and over...

...gets real gross, real fast.

Some call it "Mask Breath".

1-2 sprays of  FRESHMask  to the inside of any face covering makes it much nicer to breathe.

Every bottle of  FRESHMask  contains all-natural ingredients.

In addition to refreshing face masks to keep them breathable,

each of the 3 scents carries a unique set of health benefits as well.

With 3 distinct flavors,  FRESHMask  is guaranteed to keep your face mask smelling great when you wear it.

Refreshes mask, helps breathing

Gain a boost in mental energy

Supports immune system too

Refreshes mask, helps breathing

Improves respiratory system

Can reduce stress

Refreshes mask, helps breathing

Lifts mood

Promotes focus

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Made in the USA, FRESHMask Face Mask Refreshers makes it easier and more pleasant to breathe behind a face mask.

1-2 sprays of FRESHMask to the inside of any face covering takes that dirty, stale pocket of air into a fresh oasis.