Make wearing a face mask more pleasant!

FRESHMask gets rid of that stale and odorous feeling that happens after using a face mask for too long.
Just 1-2 sprays to the inside of any face covering gives it a blast of scented freshness.

-100% All-Natural
-Long lasting - scents stick around for up to an hour at a time
-Pocket-sized, take it anywhere (even on the plane!)
-Great for anyone who wears face mask. Aka, everyone

-Made in the USA!

Includes FREE Shipping!

1x Spearmint
1x Citrus
1x Floral (NEW!)


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    Made in the USA, FRESHMask Face Mask Refreshers makes it easier and more pleasant to breathe behind a face mask.

    1-2 sprays of FRESHMask to the inside of any face covering takes that dirty, stale pocket of air into a fresh oasis.