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Wear a face mask?

Keep it free from odor with all-natural, scented sprays.

  FRESHMask Face Mask Refreshers

make it easier to breathe behind any face covering. 


   Just 1-2 sprays of FRESHMask 

makes wearing any face mask a pleasant experience!

  •  100% All-Natural

  •  Deodorizes any face covering

  •  Long-lasting scents

    • Lasted for up to several hours on cloth in testing

  •  Great for Gift Bags or Stocking Stuffers 

  •  Pocket-sized, perfect for on the go

  •  Safe for all ages

  •  Made in the USA

With 4 fun, distinct scents,                is guaranteed to keep your face mask smelling great.

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Made in the USA, FRESHMask Face Mask Refreshers makes it easier and more pleasant to breathe behind a face mask.

1-2 sprays of FRESHMask to the inside of any face covering takes that dirty, stale pocket of air into a fresh oasis.