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Wear a face mask?

Sick of breathing the same stale,

gross pocket of air over & over?

Use                 for a fresh smell in your mask, every time.

                Face Mask Refreshers

make it easier to breathe behind any face covering. 


Don't suffocate behind your face mask.

              makes wearing any mask more pleasant !

  •  100% All-Natural

  •  Deodorizes any face covering

  •  Long-lasting scents

    • Lasted for up to several hours on cloth in testing

  •  Pocket-sized, perfect for on the go

  •  Ultra low alcohol content

  •  Safe for all ages

  •  Made in Chicago, USA

With 3 distinct flavors,                is guaranteed to keep your face mask smelling great when you wear it.

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Made in Chicago, FRESHMask Face Mask Refreshers makes it easier and more pleasant to breathe behind a face mask.

1-2 sprays of FRESHMask to the inside of any face covering takes that dirty, stale pocket of air into a fresh oasis.